Matt Lawrence

Matt Lawrence is the former Director of Special Projects for Freedom Flight International and current president of Paratus International, LLC - a consulting firm providing disaster preparedness services and education to government interests and first responders.

A South Florida native, Lawrence literally grew up in the eye of the storm with his initiation to preparedness coming early in life; baptized by the fierce hurricanes of the 1960s, Donna and Cleo.

He reminisces about living under the threat of nuclear attack during the Cuban missile crisis, “I learned about preparedness at an early age. “We played in bomb shelters in the backyards of our homes. There was no FEMA or free recovery aid available. It was us and our neighbors hoping for space in the Civil Defense shelters at the public schools. We grew up with a certain sense of community that has all but since disappeared from our culture.”

Since publishing his preparedness guide, What To Do til the Cavalry Comes: A Family Guide to Preparedness in 21st Century America, Matt Lawrence has conducted numerous television and radio interviews; and as well, has been an invited speaker at Congressman Steve Israel’s Long Island Hurricane Summit, the Texas Homeland Security Conference and the Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness Conference which was sponsored in part by the Department of Justice.

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What To Do til The Cavalry Comes: A Family Guide to
Preparedness in 21st Century America
Dying to Get Here: A Story of Coming To America

For seminar information and scheduling please contact Matt through his website.

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