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The only REAL full service gun shop in Key West for over 20 years. Serving Military/LE and civilians. C.C.F. is the longest established, southernmost Class 2 manufacturer and Class 3 dealer. No flash, fluff, posers, pawn, bait, tackle or laundromat...

High-Quality Weapons

The only Rock River Arms, Inc. Law Enforcement Dealer in Monroe County.

C.C.F. - Americas southernmost longest established CLASS 2/3 manufacturer and dealer. A real full service gun shop. Where we talk the talk because we have walked the walk. No flash or fluff.

Proudly serving Law Enforcement, Military and the general public for over 20 years.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS! Appointments available 24/7 outside normal hours.

Gun Sales

If you're thinking of buying a new gun, reach out to the professionals at Carbone's Custom Firearms today. We'll help you select the right firearm for the right price. Contact us for all your weapon requirements.

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LE and Military Weapons

You can get amazing deals on our products if you're a part of the Law Enforcement or the Military. You can depend on us to get good quality weapons at a low price. We're a local, family owned company with over 20 years of experience.

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